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Niagara Track & Field Hall of Fame

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 NameGender HoF ClassHoF CategoryEvent GroupPrimary EventCollege AttendedHigh School Attended
Robert J Bob Bradley Robert J "Bob" BradleyM2001Coach
Jack Tupper  DanielsDr. Jack Tupper DanielsM2003CoachUniversity of Oklahoma Norman, OK
Robert James Bob Ivory Robert James "Bob" IvoryM1998CoachCanisius College Buffalo, NY
Oscar B.  Jensen Oscar B. JensenM2003CoachSyracuse University Syracuse, NY
Alan Lytton  JonesDr. Alan Lytton JonesM2012ContributorPenn State University State College, PARidley Park High School Ridley Park, PA
Robert J.  Kane Robert J. KaneM2003ContributorCornell University Ithaca, NYIthaca High School Ithaca, NY
John F. Jack Moakley John F. "Jack" MoakleyM2001Coach
Herbert Joseph Herb Mols Herbert Joseph "Herb" MolsM1998ContributorCornell University Ithaca, NYFosdick-Masten High School Buffalo, NY
Louis Cecil Lou Montgomery, Sr. Louis Cecil "Lou" Montgomery, Sr.M2001Coach
Jerome Edward Jerry Riordan Jerome Edward "Jerry" RiordanM2008CoachSyracuse University Syracuse, NYCathedral High School Syracuse, NY
Carl J.  Roesch, Sr. Carl J. Roesch, Sr.M1998ContributorEast High School Buffalo, NY
James Duane Jim Ulrich James Duane "Jim" UlrichM2011CoachIndiana State University Terre Haute, INKenmore West High School Kenmore, NY
John F. Jack Warner, Sr. John F. "Jack" Warner, Sr.M2002CoachSyracuse University Syracuse, NYRome Free Academy Rome, NY
Patrick George Pat Wyatt Patrick George "Pat" WyattM2004CoachUniversity at Buffalo Buffalo, NYWilliamsville High School Williamsville, NY
Raymond James Ray - Orange Flash Barbuti Raymond James "Ray - Orange Flash" BarbutiM2000Athlete400mSprintsSyracuse University Syracuse, NY
Chester A.  Bowman Chester A. BowmanM2010Athlete100mSprintsSyracuse University Syracuse, NY
Trenton James Trent Jackson, Sr. Trenton James "Trent" Jackson, Sr.M1998Athlete100mSprintsUniversity of Illinois Champaign, ILBenjamin Franklin High School Rochester, NY
Edward Thomas Eddie O'Brien Edward Thomas "Eddie" O'BrienM2006Athlete400mSprintsSyracuse University Syracuse, NY
Charles   Reidpath Charles ReidpathM2001Athlete400mSprintsSyracuse University Syracuse, NYLafayette High School Buffalo, NY
Henry Argue Hank Russell Henry Argue "Hank" RussellM2005Athlete100mSprintsCornell University Ithaca, NY
Allen   Woodring Allen WoodringM2003Athlete200mSprintsSyracuse University Syracuse, NY
J. Kimberley Kim Batten J. Kimberley "Kim" BattenF2009Athlete400mHHurdlesFlorida State University Tallahassee, FLEast High School Rochester, NY
Charles Hewes Charlie Moore, Jr. Charles Hewes "Charlie" Moore, Jr.M2000Athlete400mHHurdlesCornell University Ithaca, NYMercersburg Academy Mercersburg, PA
Middle Distance
Tell Schirnding  Berna Tell Schirnding BernaM2004Athlete1,500mMiddle DistanceCornell University Ithaca, NY
Stephanie Ann  Best Stephanie Ann BestF2010Athlete1,500mMiddle DistanceCornell University Ithaca, NY
Richard T. Dick Buerkle Richard T. "Dick" BuerkleM2000Athlete1,500mMiddle DistanceVillanova University Villanova, PAAquinas Institute Rochester, NY
Ross E.  Donoghue Ross E. DonoghueM2005Athlete1,500mMiddle DistanceVillanova University Villanova, PABishop Cunningham High School Oswego, NY
John  Paul  Jones John Paul JonesM1999Athlete1,500mMiddle DistanceCornell University Ithaca, NY
Doriane   Lambelet Doriane Lambelet-ColemanF2006Athlete800mMiddle DistanceCornell University Ithaca, NY
Charles Lewis  McMullen Charles Lewis McMullenM2004Athlete1,500mMiddle DistanceUniversity of Missouri Columbia, MOSpencerport High School Spencerport, NY
David Curttis  Munson David Curttis MunsonM2011Athlete1,500mMiddle DistanceCornell University Ithaca, NY
Donald J.  Paige Donald J. PaigeM2000Athlete800mMiddle DistanceVillanova University Villanova, PAC.W. Baker High School Baldwinsville, NY
Catherine  Katy Schilly Catherine "Katy" Schilly-LaetschF2006Athlete1,500mMiddle DistanceIowa State University Ames, IACentral Square High School Central Square, NY
William  Brad Sumner, Jr. William "Brad" Sumner, Jr.M2008Athlete800mMiddle DistanceVillanova University Villanova, PAMcQuaid High School Rochester, NY
Karl D.  Thornton Karl D. ThorntonM2008Athlete1,500mMiddle DistanceUniversity of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PABinghamton High School Binghamton, NY
Jon P.  Anderson Jon P. AndersonM2008Athlete10,000mDistanceCornell University Ithaca, NYSheldon High School Eugene, OR
Lewis  Deerfoot Bennett Lewis "Deerfoot" BennettM2009Athlete10,000mDistance
William John Bill Cox William John "Bill" CoxM2008Athlete5,000mDistancePenn State University State College, PARochester Shop School (now Edison Tech) Rochester, NY
Mark James  Finucane Mark James FinucaneM2012Athlete10,000mDistanceEast Tennesse State University Johnson City, TNSt. Francis High School Athol Springs, NY
Suzanne Marie  Girard Suzanne Marie Girard-EberleF2010Athlete5,000mDistanceGeorgetown University Washington, DCMaine-Endwell High School Endwell, NY
Stephen Misati Steve Machooka Stephen Misati "Steve" MachookaM2012Athlete1,500mDistanceCornell University Ithaca, NYKisii Secondary Kissi District, Kenya
Kathy D.  Mills Kathy D. Mills-ParkerF2008Athlete5,000mDistancePenn State University State College, PAFayetteville-Manlius High School Manlius, NY
Peter Dickson Pete Pfitzinger Peter Dickson "Pete" PfitzingerM2002AthleteMaraDistanceCornell University Ithaca, NYPittsford High School Pittsford, NY
Susan Lynn  Schaefer Susan Lynn Schaefer-MorganF2012Athlete5,000mDistanceEastern Kentucky University Richmond, KYClarence High School Clarence, NY
John Bruce  Tuttle John Bruce TuttleM2002AthleteMaraDistanceAuburn University Auburn, ALAlfred-Almond High School Almond, NY
Horizontal Jumps
Walter S.  Ashbaugh Walter S. AshbaughM2011AthleteTJHorizontal JumpsCornell University Ithaca, NY
Meredith C. Flash GourdineDr. Meredith C. "Flash" GourdineM2001AthleteLJHorizontal JumpsCornell University Ithaca, NY
Myer   Prinstein Myer PrinsteinM1999AthleteLJHorizontal JumpsSyracuse University Syracuse, NY
Irvin  Bo Roberson Irvin "Bo" RobersonM2001AthleteLJHorizontal JumpsCornell University Ithaca, NY
Vertical Jumps
Edward Tiffin  Cook, Jr. Edward Tiffin Cook, Jr.M2005AthletePVVertical JumpsCornell University Ithaca, NY
Frank Kent  Foss Frank Kent FossM2003AthletePVVertical JumpsCornell University Ithaca, NY
Thomas   McCants Thomas McCantsM2004AthleteHJVertical JumpsUniversity of Alabama Tuscaloosa, ALAuburn High School Auburn, NY
Harry Franklin  Porter Harry Franklin PorterM2010AthleteHJVertical JumpsCornell University Ithaca, NY
Alma Wilford  Richards Alma Wilford RichardsM2001AthleteHJVertical JumpsCornell University Ithaca, NY
Kevin T.  Akins Kevin T. AkinsM2005AthleteSPThrowsThe Ohio State University Columbus, OHWebster-Schroeder High School Webster, NY
John Franklin  Anderson John Franklin AndersonM2002AthleteDTThrowsCornell University Ithaca, NY
Francis J. Frank Berst, Sr. Francis J. "Frank" Berst, Sr.M1998AthleteWTThrowsManhattan College New York, NYBennett High School Buffalo, NY
Steven T.  Dering Steven T. DeringM2009AthleteHTThrowsSyracuse University Syracuse, NYChristian Brothers Academy High School - Syracuse Syracuse, NY
Sonja   Fitts Sonja Fitts-WaltersF2009AthleteHTThrowsSt. John's University New York, NYGates-Chili High School Gates, NY
Thomas L. Tom Gage Thomas L. "Tom" GageM2011AthleteSPThrowsCornell University Ithaca, NY
Albert William  Al Hall Albert William "Al" HallM2002AthleteHTThrowsCornell University Ithaca, NYWhitman High School (now part of Whitman-Hanson Regional High School) Whitman, MA
Marquis Franklin Bill Horr Marquis Franklin "Bill" HorrM2007AthleteHTThrowsSyracuse University Syracuse, NYMunnsville High School Munnsville, NY
Anthony   Washington Anthony WashingtonM2006AthleteDTThrowsSyracuse University Syracuse, NYRome Free Academy Rome, NY
Cynthia J. Cindy WyattDr. Cynthia J. "Cindy" WyattF1998Athlete400mHThrowsUniversity of Hawaii Honolulu, HIWilliamsville High School Williamsville, NY
John  William  Allen John William AllenM1998AthleteRWRacewalkKensington High School Buffalo, NY
Combined Events
Adam Beatty  Gunn Adam Beatty GunnM2010AthleteAACombined Events
Jamie K.  McNeair Jamie K. McNeair-ReeseF2010AthleteHeptCombined EventsPurdue University West Lafayette, IN

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